Franche-Comté Area

Franche-Comté is located in the East of France and is at the crossroads of Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Franche-Comté is made up of four counties: Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône, Territoire de Belfort.

The regional capital is Besançon (Doubs).

France is well-known for its gastronomy and Franche-Comté largely contributes to this reputation with its rich and traditional cuisine.

Franche-Comté is also famous for its cow breed: the Montbéliarde, which became an official breed in 1889.

In Franche-Comté, the first dairies go back as far as the thirteenth century.

Montbéliarde cows rank second in the list of dairy breeds in France, due to the excellent quality of their milk. Indeed, Montbéliarde cows have excellent fertility, can stand cold temperatures, have a good physical condition and are thus resistant to diseases.

AOC Label

L’Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) "Controlled Designation of Origin" denotes a product for which all the manufacturing steps are carried out according to a recognized expertise in the same geographical area, which gives its characteristics to the product.

La Fromagerie de Montbéliard

La Fromagerie de Montbéliard, which opened at the end of November 2013,   is a cooperation of 8 farms based around Montbéliard. It is compulsory for the Cooperation to farm Montbéliarde cows only. La Fromagerie has a workforce of 19 and is planning to hire 7 other employers within the three next years.

 The other objectives of La Fromagerie de Montbéliard are:

*        to structure the dairy sectors

*        To keep breeding Montbéliard cows.

*        To maintain agricultural areas: grasslands

*        To provide farms of Montbéliard with an alternative to traditional channels of distribution of the dairy industry.

*        To sustain the lives of 8 dairy farms

*        To offer customers a shop where they can purchase local products

*        To present to school and other educational groups a part of Montbéliard’s history.

*        To be a welcoming tourist showcase.

Our main activities:

*        To produce and mature our cheeses

*        To sell dairy and local products

*        To welcome schools and organise tourist tours.